Thursday, April 03, 2008

Othorized f.a.m.


Dope & rare records of othorized f.a.m. "pictures of life"

For me the 1st records,but i don't sure of this

I don't have a date,but i think 95-96

This wu affiliate crew have 2 other release,"we othorize "& "shaolin or gatten ep"

and 1lp in 2001,intitled 1st Amendment(i think only on cd support ),this is a link from the lp:

"Staten Island quartet with members Crunch Lo (aka Crunch), Lounge Mode (aka Lounger, Loungin' Lo), C-Wiggs (aka Wigganomic, White Wigger), and Molly-Q (aka Kwue Molly). Othorized F.A.M. have been affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan since the very beginning and are very close associates of Cappadonna. Crunch Lo made a guest appearance on Cappadonna's "The Yin And The Yang", whilst Lounge Mode lent his vocals on Remedy's "The Genuine Article". Their main producer is 140 Productions (aka Sean), and are occassionally backed by fellow MC's Boy Blue and Clocka."



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