Friday, March 28, 2008

Publik Anounsa


1St 12'' of publik anounsa,released in 95' on upreyes records,the 2Nd 12" is from 97 i think,but not sure,with hycelph da supreme child,contain deep concentration,one rhyme & 97 introduction.

Produced by the vibe chemist of nipskab fam,also produced the famous nitty gritty 12'' (Tru-Grain) and i think the nipskab fam ep.

If you ask me,one of the best indy release of 95'

My shit here is ''deep concentration,deep vibe version'',but all is hot...

And the b-side label''graffity'' is so dope

If you have other info of this crew,post this on the comments section!



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Antoine said...

Peace Ya'll This The Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa live and direct from Bklyn,NY. I go also by alias Hycelph the Supreme Child kickin' that One Rhyme. Much is appreciated for those that is communicating the god's name til' this day. I only got love for yall. Please feel free to contact me and kick it I'm peoples just like you. It really feel good that 13years after my release that these responses go out now that's Love.

Backspin and The Nipskcab family is about to make some things pop for 09' and I surely will Have somethings to say...
Backspin is an ill producer a real producer at that.

One Love to the entire multiverse and the Culture of True Hip Hop not Rap stop!