Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanky to all for your patience,

but some works at time....

Today an ill 12" by Tribal jam,a 2 tracker,so jazzy,

no more info on this wax,but i love it,

is released on kgb records in 94',

Prods by Wiz & Mone,

Just pump it the dl,and i'm pretty sure you love it,

the winner for me is 925 for sure!

A solid records in my opinion....

If you search more info about this,

look this rewiew writing by my man,the legendary Ed Catto:



knowledge said...

This was fucking dope, good looking out on this joint, production by KGB or what ?

I liked 925 more.

nedd2 said...

no sure,but i think it's not the same kgb on mascot records,
wu affiliate,
i think it's only the label,
prob is by wiz & mone,
if you have other info,
don't hesite of post this,
thx for the interessest,

BYL said...

dope record...ive had a rip of this 12" for a while and i still havent seen one copy for sale... 925 is really sick

knowledge said...

im always interested in your posts, keep it up.

Tribalman666 said...

Aw man.. can u put this not in zshare when ever u have time
havnt heard this one yet looking forward to it