Monday, September 29, 2008

Smoked Out


Today i decided to posted the 12"(the 2nd),the first is the back up kids ep released in 94,

on total have only two 12" i think,of rapper problemz & black attack,formed a crew called SOP,

Smoked out productions,

This wax is from 95',it's from nyc,and if you ask me,the 2 wax is holy grail,mad fat....

Keep your eyes open,

Anyone have additional info,don't hesite...




knowledge said...

hell yeah

BYL said...

definatly a classic.. both the SOP 12"s have been on my wantlist for a while. pretty recently actually, like a couple weeks ago, i finally heard a full rip of the back up kid ep and id have to say i like the styles/bok bok 12" more. both of them are still dope though

nedd2 said...

Yeah me too,
the ep is dope,but i like more the styles 12",
Bok bok is a banger!

kristhegreek said...

Both releases are dope imo. Aw Yeah & Bok Bok are my favs.