Monday, August 11, 2008



Today an other release of the indy monster of Boston,M-Slash,(Realname:Michael Mccroskey).

That's telekenesis ep,released on 199x,if anyone have the exact match year,

don't hesite to post on the comm.section.

Have 4 title on this ep,with some ambiance.

I don't very like the prod of telekenesis tracks(Prod by Lai),but the three other are dope,delicious wax!

On the a-side have the" telekenesis "song,Keep the faith "& "Why try"

In the flipside have the track are win the best song of this ep for me,intitled "shine" and three instrumental,but not have the instru of "shine".

It's released on Wildfire ent.

Production by Budha roc & Lai


BYL said...

dope post man seen this 12" around thanks for the files

ral278 said...

great find homie. was lookin for that ep (only have the good timez-12")...

knowledge said...

Props for postin again, ill get back at ya, when i heard last 2 updates.

qnzgrimiest said...

i noticed they used the sample from the clockers movie in the beginning of keep the faith and the xylophone sample always get me, why try is good too, that old jazz piano sample, sounds like somthing u wouldve heard back in the 50's, and shine is ill too,good post.

beatjunkie299 said...

Dope drop, thanks for sharing this gem!!!!!!