Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi,for this post,one of my fav group of the mid 90's,D.N.T. ,Da nabahood threat.

This is the flip da script ep,i like 2 songs in this ep,and i post only this shit,this is The Unknown(the winner for me) and The end,some obscure,but i really like

this.Have 2 other songs,flip da script and Live n Die,but is so smoove for me,with a female voice.

This ep is released in 98' in jackpot records,produced by dj fidel castro for smuggling beatz/dnt prod.

This crew have 3 release in my disco,this is the 3nd release.

I dont really like the first release,off witch head in 94'.

The 2nd release is so so dope,where im from in 96',with the famous indy hit,represent groundz....


ral278 said...

yo nedd! good post rite here man, keep that shit comin'...
btw: do you still want that LADY APACHE ft FINSTA BUNDY-rock n comeen? let me know so we might fix an appointement in BNC!

HokiDoki2 said...

merci pour la découverte c'est la tuerie!!!!

Brakkbacda said...

seulement 2 comm pour une telle tuerie......vive les leechers!
merci pour cette put1 de decouverte nedd.
keep it movin' !