Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alps Cru

I love this piece!


Calvin said...

Yo can you please please re-up this I been searching for so long!

the letter d said...

Second that. This is a dope 12" I used to have and let it go for some reason. Prolly cuz Alajan was such a d!ck, but a re-up would be extra cool, He cut that Lauryn sample real nice!

Alejan said...

Yo letter d, I'm sorry that you felt I was a d$&%. I don't remember when and under what circumstances I met you. I do apologize if I came off disrespectful. Glad that you liked the music, we really worked hard to make it. Alejan.

MATTHEW said...

re-up please!! i need this in my life.

mad appreciated.