Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Special Canadian Hip Hop Indé!!!

Nedd2 Present:


A real dope independant canadian hip hop compilation,this is the tracklisting:

01.CROOKS OF DA ROUND TABLE - CROOKS OF DA ROUND TABLE_DAY BY DAY, KNIGHT BY KNIGHT 02.citizen kane - Structure/foundation (What's the Plan) 03.Frek Sho - Infinite Maze 04.Ghetto Concept - E-Z On The Motion 05.concrete mob - boiling point 06.Frankenstein - The Rain Is Gone 07.saukrates - action 08.solitaire - silver surfer 09.rascalz - jungle 10.ubad - apocalypse now 11.CROOKS OF DA ROUND TABLE - CROOKS OF DA ROUND TABLE_MIND OVER MATTER 12.ubad - rugged and nasty 13.choclair - twenty one years 14.madlocks - gusto 15.Concise - Gangsta Ft. Sticky Fingers And Checkmate (Street) 16.citizen kane - the gambler 17.essanh - struggle 18.saukrates - father time 19.sic sense - onementality 20.the dope poet society - blockashot 21.the dope poet society - fuck mike harris




s'n's said...

hi, is it possible to reup this?
thx in advance

DJ Filthy Rich said...

good work on your posts....some real classic dope shit. appreciate the canadian stuff especially...

please re-up this comp if you have the time....

thanks in advance...

u can hit me at djfilthyrich78@hotmail.com